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Lightning Strike (2)

It is not surprising that people in the past were afraid of lightning and thought it was a sign of anger from their gods. We still find lightning thrilling and fascinating. It is now also an important area of research for scientists, who are trying to (1) its secrets are looking for ways to predict lightning strikes and protect people. Predicting when and where lightning is likely to strike is one of the ways we have made it (2) of a danger. Forecasting lightning is taken more seriously in America. But even the most (3) forecasting systems can sometimes be caught out. In March 1993, Florida and other states of America were struck (4) severe lightning storms. At the peak the «Sunshine state» was hit by 5,000 strikes an hour. The cause of the storm and the reason it suddenly died out as it travelled north, is yet another mystery of the lightning (5).

#1.1) cover; 2) invent; 3) uncover; 4) recover.

#2. 1) less; 2) more; 3) least; 4) a little.

#3. 1) undeveloped; 2) usual; 3) common; 4) advanced.

#4. 1) out; 2) by; 3) with; 4) of.

#5. 1) phenomenon; 2) way; 3) illusion; 4) riddle.

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