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At 8 p.m., October 30th, 1938, millions of Americans listened to the start of the Charlie McCarthy Show on their radios. It was a popular show and had a large (1) across the U.S. That night, however, the show had a new singer. He was (2). After he had started singing, many listeners became bored and tuned in to a (3), CBS, to see if there was anything better on there. First, they heard some Latin American dance music performed by Ramon Raquello’s orchestra. Then the announcer (4), «Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our programme to bring you a special bulletin from the intercontinental radio news. A number of explosions of gas had been observed on Mars. And, moreover, there are reports of a ‘jet of blue flame’ moving away from Mars towards the Earth at great speed.» The music returned. Later, the announcer added, «A huge flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, (5) a farm in New Jersey. Our reporter will give you a description of the scene soon.»

#1. 1) representation; 2) audience; 3) publication; 4) number.

#2. 1) a nova; 2) notice; 3) an unknown one; 4) a stranger.

#3. 1) rival station; 2) enemy station; 3) various station; 4) varied station.

#4. 1) broke through; 2) brought in; 3) scratched; 4) broke in.

#5. 1) bombed on; 2) fell on; 3) ascended on; 4) targeted on.

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