Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Are you still of the same mind? (…)

1) Is your opinion different now?; 2) Do you still have the identical opinion?; 3) Has your idea undergone any change?; 4) Do you have a new idea or notion?; 5) Do you keep to a different viewpoint?

#2. Before leaving his office Robert made a flight reservation for the next week. (…)

1) reserved a train ticket; 2) offered to reserve a seat; 3) booked an air ticket; 4) confirmed his reservation; 5) restrained from flying.

#3. The political leaders of European states met in Brussels to discuss the burning issues of today. (…)

1) minor matters; 2) unimportant items; 3) important problems; 4) minor questions; 5) different ideas.

#4. He broke his word when he didn’t lend me the money he had promised to (…)

1) admitted that he was wrong; 2) made an offer; 3) broke the ice; 4) didn’t keep his promise; 5) stuck to his word.

#5. When we discovered he was still head over ears in debt we refused to give him any money. (…)

1) sincerely; 2) deeply; 3) fraternally; 4) eagerly; 5) willingly.

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