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l)The paintings of Renaissance scientist, inventor and musician Leonardo da Vinci have always attracted controversy and dispute.

2) Only 14 works have ever been attributed to him and even so some experts have questioned the authorship of several of them.

3) Not even such a beautiful and famous painting as «Mona Lisa» is above suspicion.

4) It is neither signed nor dated and no record of any payment to Leonardo has ever been found.

5) The painting is dated at about 1502 and is believed to be a portrait of the wife of a Florentine merchant.

6) This well-known and highly appreciated painting has been on public display in the Louvre since 1804. Now housed in a bullet-proof glass case, it has always been surrounded by security.

7) Even so, on the 24th of August in 1911, the painting was stolen and initial leads came to nothing.

8 ) In November 1913, a Florentine art dealer, Alfredo Geri by name, received a letter whose writer was prepared to sell it back to Italy for 500000 lire.

9) This person turned out to be an Italian carpenter, Vincenzo Perruggia, who had been commissioned by the Louvre to make the painting’s protective wooden box.

10) Is the painting hanging now in the world famous Louvre, surrounded by security systems and thousands of visitors a day, an exact copy made to order or the real «Mona Lisa»?

#1. (…) Who is supposed to be represented in «Mona Lisa»?

#2. (…)Are there any clear facts and recorded receipts as to the accomplishment of this famous portrait?

#3. (…) What major problem troubles art critics, experts and art loversJn connection with «Mona Lisa»?

#4. (…) What was an Italian master of woodwork engaged to do in the most famous art museum?

#5. (…) Is the authenticity of all Leonardo da Vinci’s creations really true or doubtful?

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