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1) The British Parliament building, known as the Houses of Parliament, would be more correctly called the Palace of Westminster.

2) The eastern part of this complex of buildings is dominated by the 320 foot high tower housing the Palace clock.

3) Well-known throughout the world as Big Ben (actually the name of the bell) it was so called after Sir Benjamin Hall, when it was installed in 1858.

4) A light above the clock signifies that the House of Commons is sitting during the night, while during the day the Union Jack is flown from the Victoria Tower.

5) This has been the seat of the government since the early part of the eleventh century but not until 1547 did it become the permanent home of the Parliament.

6) The present neo-Gothic buildings dating from about 1850 replaced the earlier structure which was almost totally destroyed by fire in a single night on October, 16,1834.

7) The great Westmister Hall for six hundred years was the chief court of English Law.

8 ) It has been the scene of much stirring history — from Coronation banquets to trials for high treason. It was here that Sir Thomas Moore, Guy Fawkes and many others of high rank were sentenced to death.

9) Enemy bombing in 1941 inflicted serious damage to the House of Commons and the timber used for reconstruction of the new chamber in 1950 was given by Commonwealth countries.

10) In the House of Lords, a magnificent chamber in rich tones of red and gold with paintings and statues, the Lord Chancellor sits on the Woolsack which signifies the former importance of wool to the economy of England.

#1.(…) What has the court of English Law been witness to?

#2. (…) Who helped to restore the House of Commons?

#3. (…) What does the national state flag floating in the air signal?

#4. (…) Has this complex of buildings constantly been used as the home, of British Parliament?

#5. (…) What symbol is generally associated with the person presiding in the House of Lords and with his seat?

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