Знайдіть продовження речень.

#1. The boy was told that he would not be allowed to go to the cinema (…) . When the boy saw how much work was still to be done he understood

#3. The manager was not quite sure (…)

#4 Quite a lot of work is still to be done and that makes me think (…)

#5. He wouldn’t have got a good mark (…)

1…. that he would be unable to finish it in time.

2. … since the time I understood that I could easily do well in it.

3. … to be hard work.

4. … if his work was not completed in time.

5. … when the time came to pass my exam in it.

6. … if the work would be completed in time.

7. … if the work had not been completed in time.

8. … that I cannot promise to finish it today.

9. … he will have to do it soon.

10. … I shouldn’t be able to do it.

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