Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#l.The money we collected for famine and flood victims is just a drop in the ocean. (…)

l)a small number; 2) an insignificant amount; 3) a council tax; 4) an irrelevant charge; 5) a small change.

#2. Everyone noticed at once that Ted’s version of the story slightly differed from Mark’s telling it. (…)

1) advertising; 2) account; 3) setting; 4) decision; 5) newsletter.

#3. Fred did not intend to break the news that evening and was filled with regret that he had done so. (…)

1) print information; 2) quickly learn the news; 3)tell, make known the news; 4) advertise the news publicly; 5) appoint anew.

#4. There’s no point in discussing this problem any further if you don’t want to help us. (…)

l)a sharp end; 2) no secret; 3) no sense; 4) pointless; 5) off the point.

#5. Henry sensed at once that she had something on her mind for a long time and wanted to talk the matter over with him.

l)had decided; 2) was worried; 3) had a brain wave; 4) was relieved; 5) was recovered.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1, Whatever you say my opinion is that this problem is a hard nut to crack. (…)

1) a piece of cake; 2) easy when you come to think of it; 3) not so difficult as you picture it; 4) difficult to solve or deal with; 5) a mere trifle.

#2. The murderer will answer for all his crimes in the highest court of the land. (…)

1) reply back; 2) give a response; 3) be told severely; 4) be punished as a result of; 5) retort or tell.

#3. Kate is an excellent mountain climber because she can adapt to many different situations. (…)

1) drop out of; 2) run away from; 3) adjust to; 4) keep to; 5) keep out of.

#4. Are you aware of the danger of this situation? (…)

1) comprehend; 2) conscious of; 3) knowledgeable; 4) knowing; 5) assess.

#5. Nancy said that she was awfully pressed for money, she was desperate for it.(…)

1) was pushed firmly; 2) put on weight; 3) took hold of; 4) was short of; 5) urged strongly.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The singer gained prominence with her award-winning record album. (…)

1) complexity; 2) mobility; 3) wisdom; 4) fame; 5) passion.

#2. You’d better not count on an increase in your salary at present. (…)

1) enumerate; 2) account for; 3) rely on; 4) number; 5) encounter.

#3. We can’t go into the studio yet as the programme is still on the air. (…)

1) in the air; 2) being broadcast; 3) in the sky; 4) being passed on; 5) being passed by.

#4. The police are carrying out a serious investigation into the cause of Andrew’s death. (…)

1) producing; 2) conducting; 3) operating; 4) examining; 5) saving.

#5. There was real passion and determination in his voice and in spite of myself I was impressed. (…)

1) despite; 2) willingly; 3) eagerly; 4) against my will; 5) willing.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Inventing a new product requires a creative mentality that allows a person to approach a situation or problem with a new perspective. (…)

1) heritage; 2) college education; 3) equality; 4) way of thinking; 5) breeding.

#2. The book cost 3.65 USD and he had only 2.40 USD. (…)

1) He had more than enough money to pay for the book; 2) The book cost more than he had on him; 3)He had just enough money to pay for the book; 4) He needed two more dollars to pay for the book; 5) He could have borrowed some money to pay for the book.

#3. David was behaving in a strange fashion. (…)

1) vogue; 2) model; 3) way or manner; 4) cut; 5) design.

#4. Dan took no notice of the warning and entered the building. (…)

1) preferred not to ignore; 2) attracted no attention; 3) drew no attention; 4) paid no attention to; 5) did not ignore.

#5. Anyway, we are now in the same boat together, to sink or swim. (…) 1) in suitable conditions; 2) in similar circumstances; 3) above board; 4) overboard; 5) on the deck. ‘ ‘

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1.The debate on environmental protection problems is in progress now. (…)

1) stands to reason; 2) has no sense; 3) is going on; 4) is on the way; 5) is off the way.

#2 No one but Nick knew the answer to the question. (…)

1) The question could not be answered by anyone; 2) Everyone knew fairly well how to answer the question.; 3) Nick was the only one who couldn’t answer the question.; 4) Nick was the only one who was able to answer the question.; 5) No one could answer the question.

#3. That noise in the yard gets on my nerves, (…)

1) distracts me; 2) worries and irritates me; 3) attracts me; 4) appeals to me; 5) terrifies me.

#4. The teacher could not put up with Jack’s bad behaviour in the classroom (…)

1) regard; 2) tolerate; 3) respect; 4) withstand; 5) disregard.

#5. I feel that if anything went wrong. Dad would blame me for not looking after you better. (…)

1) set off; 2) failed; 3) came to; 4) went without a hitch; 5) went smoothly.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Mr. Brown went on to explain that his younger brother was a man of very peculiar disposition. (…)

1) appearance; 2) likeness; 3) character; 4) inclination; 5) tendency, mood.

#2. John’s plans for the weekend were indefinite because he had not found out yet whether he had to work or not. (…)

1) sensible; 2) unimportant; 3) mysterious; 4) uncertain; 5) doubtless.

#3. Susan couldn’t bring herself to lie to her relatives. (…)

1) educate herself to; 2) stand up to; 3) draw up herself to; 4) make herself; 5) sustain.

#4. Without her glasses my grandmother can hardly make out the words on this page. (…)

1) distinguish; 2) understand; 3) study; 4) research; 5) investigate.

#5. I don’t think it was fair of you to go back on your word at the last moment. We had relied on you. (…)

1) feel jealous of your word; 2) grieve over the said; 3) escape the promise; 4) fail to keep your promise; 5) reveal the secret.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Tom is bound to pass his exams. No one else has worked so hard.(…)

1) indefinite; 2) certain; 3) unlikely; 4) probably; 5) confident of.

#2. The countryside provided a picturesque scene with a beautiful coast and a quiet fishing village. (…)

1) ornamental; 2) elegant; 3) handsome; 4) visually pleasing; 5) stylish.

#3. For my part, I don’t see why things can’t go on as they are. (…)

1) To my taste; 2) In my opinion; 3) To my liking; 4) To my mind; 5) As far as I am concerned.

#4. He realized that all along, at each moment, she had known what was going on in his mind. (…)

1) at last; 2) seldom; 3) at once; 4) from the very beginning to the end; 5) at a start.

#5. It’s between you and me. Don’t let the cat out of the bag. (…)

l)Keep the cat in; 2) Take care of the cat; 3) Don’t disturb anybody; 4) Don’t disclose the secret; 5) Do keep on talking.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Circumstances beyond our control caused us to be late. (…) 1) Fears; 2) Enemies; 3) Habits; 4) Conditions; 5) Skills.

#2 He said he had made up his mind. (…)

1) had completed his mind; 2) had an idea; 3) had taken a decision; 4) was given a piece of advice; 5) had put in order.

#3. Mind, I have no objection, but I think it’s rather unwise. (…)

1) Please note; 2) Mind your own business; 3) Look here; 4) I say; 5) Have a look.

#4.I want to know how long this state of things between us is to last? I have put up with it long enough. (…)

1) withdrawn; 2) stopped; 3) endured; 4) seen; 5) taken.

#5.1 am sorry to say but his head has been turned by success and flattery. (…)

l)he moved his head; 2) he changed his mind; 3)he looked around; 4) he was made too proud; 5) he was made to run away.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1.I wish he wouldn’t poke his nose into our business affairs. (…)

l)be pushing; 2) interfere into; 3) comment on; 4) form an idea about; 5) find out.

#2. The twins were so alike that I couldn’t tell one from the other. (…)

1) describe them; 2) see the difference between them; 3) respect them both; 4) see the similarity; 5) talk to them.

#3. In the capital city he was taken for a foreighner. (…)

1) assumed; 2) mistaken for; 3) liked by; 4) taken after; 5) took place.

#4.The noise of the storm was too loud for him to make out what Mary was saying. (…)

1) see; 2) understand; 3) fix; 4) state; 5) alternate.

#5. Hasn’t it slipped your memory that you’ve got a .very important appointment today? (…)

1) Haven’t you forbidden; 2) Haven’t you forgiven; 3) Haven’t you forgotten; 4) Hasn’t it got clear; 5) Hasn’t it cleared up.

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Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. It is common knowledge the Bolshoi Ballet company has taken London by the storm.. (…)

1) has come to London in a storm; 2).has landed in London in a storm; 3) has been very successful in London; 4) has been a failure in London; 5) has been stormy and furious in London.

#2.I see you are dying for a cup of coffee. (…)

1) stop living because of; 2) become dead for; 3) stop working to have; 4) want very much to have; 5) are surprised at.

#3. Bob is an experienced taxi driver, so he is accustomed to driving in the busy city centre.(…)

1) is ready to drive; 2) is suitable for driving; 3) is used to driving; 4) used to drive; 5) knows driving customs.

#4. Tina’s heart ached to be where she belonged to. (…)

1) She was kind; 2) She said a kind thing; 3) She was an optimist; 4) She had a heart attack; 5)She missed her home.

#5. Last Sunday my friend and 1 got caught in a storm and got soaked to the skin. (…)

1) were tearful; 2) got soapy; 3) got very wet; 4) became extremely damp; 5) got moist and foggy.,

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