Знайдіть продовження речень.

#1. He would be capable of giving you a more detailed account of his business trip (…)

#2. Whatever the instructions of the commanding officer may be, they must (…)

#3. When the engineer asked the workers to make the spare part again he knew that the previous task (…)

#4. The engineer hoped that the new assignment (…)

#5. Ever since the lecture began the speaker’s words (…)

1. … by when I shall have done the necessary amount of work to be able to report you.

2. … who had been listening to the speaker with great interest all the time.

3. … have been followed by all the students with great interest.

4. … if he had been given more time for preparing his report,

5. … had been fulfilled very thoroughly by all the workers.

6. … would be fulfilled by all the workers.

7. … to be following the events in this country with great interest.

8. … be obeyed by his subordinates.

9. … if he has been given enough time for having his report ready.

10. … will have been fulfilled by December.

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