Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова.

1)to see; 2) being seen off; 3)on seeing; 4) seen; 5) seeing; 6) having seen; 7) have seen to; 8 ) have been seen to; 9) has seen to; 10) should see; 11) was seen; 12) is seen; 13) be seen out; 14) be seen to; 15) to be seen with

#1. Do you like (…) by many friends or do you prefer a quiet departure?

#2. My friend asked me (…) about renting a room.

#3. It (…) that you can write an immortal masterpiece some day.

#4.I really (…) you home, it’s not safe to be out alone in this city after dark.

#5. You mustn’t (…) while the police are still looking for you.

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