Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова.

l)has cleared; 2) being cleared away; 3) was cleared; 4) had been cleared out; 5) clearing away; 6) to be clear; 7) to clear; 8 ) to be cleared; 9) the clearest; 10) on clearing; 11) clear up; 12) is clearing; 13) having cleared away; 14) clears; 15) have cleared out

#1. I saw him about the middle of July — but I am not likely (…) about the date.

#2. His lordship was engaged in (…) the dead branches with his own hands.

#3. Dr. Green looked at the falling rain. «Well, I don’t suppose it’s any good waiting for it (…) up.»

#4. What points would you (…) first if you were planning a holiday in an unknown place?

#5.1 hope you (…) all those sticky old papers and empty envelopes from your drawer already.

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