Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова.

1) put in; 2) having been put; 3) was put; 4) will have been put away; 5) were putting; 6) puts above; 7) will be put aside; 8 ) putting on; 9) hav put about; 10) will be put; 11) are being put; 12) has been putting about; 13) would be put off; 14) on putting; 15) tg put on

#1. «Who (…) these stories concerning the government secret plans?» — «A conservative paper spreads the rumours».

#2. The notice (…) above the door, and I didn’t see it.

#3. So Mary let him have his way as she thought she might (…) a word for Bill.

#4. She remembered her father (…)her mother’s hat to make the children laugh.

#5. Tonight’s concert (…) off till the next week, as one of the singers has hurt her throat.

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