Заповніть пропуски відповідним прийменником або артиклем.

1) of; 2) а; 3) an; 4) 0; 5) about; 6) at; 7) after; 8 ) the; 9) round; 10) to; 11) before; 12) above; 13) because of; 14) within; 15) for.

#1.1 consider we should go over our plan again before we tell everything (…) the managing director.

#2. At his last trial nobody believed in Arthur’s innocence and he was accused (…) the theft of a valuable museum picture.

#3. It’s interesting to mention but all four children take (…) their father and have a very sociable disposition.

#4. Do you know that yesterday all flights in and out of the airport came (…) a standstill (…) the strike?

#5. Some time ago I visited my friend whose son had just had his fifth birthday. It was a rather special birthday (…) him since as soon as (…) English child reaches the age of five he must start attending (…) school.

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