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What Is This Thing Called Love?

Love is remarkably (1); in the survey of 1991 only one in five of the 1000 people interviewed said they were «not really in love». To many researchers the classic (2) of rapid pulse and legs turning to jelly are far from mysterious. Many think it can all be explained by our biochemistry. Scientists (3) the excitement of that fatal attraction is created by adrenalin. The adrenalin glands produce a hormone, whose side-effects include feelings of great happiness. People are often attracted to others who have a lot in common with them — even if they don’t always realize that they have anything in common. Facial attractiveness is a big influence on the (4) of partners, too. According to recent studies, people have long-lasting relationships with others of a similar level of attractiveness. (5) the explanation for how and why we fall in love, one thing is clear. Nature has made the whole thing as wonderful and addictive as possible.

#1.1) rare; 2) agreeable; 3) common; 4) average.

#2. 1) bits; 2) symptoms; 3) recipe; 4) proof.

#3.1) believe; 2) uncovered; 3) provide; 4) invented.

#4. 1) alternative; 2) face; 3) race; 4) choice.

#5. 1) However; 2) What ever; 3) Naturally; 4) Whatever.

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