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How to Boost Your Memory

Are you forgetful? There’s a tremendous range of methods to boost your memory. Your memory is like a brilliant, but (1) computer storing a vast amount of information. In fact the memory’s capacity is theoretically unlimited. (2} only about 20 per cent of our daily experience is registered, and of that only a tiny proportion is loaded into long-term memory. Normal healthy people can improve their memories easily. First of all learn to relax if you are trying to memorize something. You may (3) important items if your mind is on something else or if you weren’t paying attention because of anxiety. Try to combine study with exercise. Keep your mind fit (4) your body by doing mental workouts. Crosswords, scrabbles ard quizzes all help to keep the mind in shape. You can also train your memory in certain (5). The ancient Greeks invented memory systems called mnemonics, and they still work today. Most systems involve associating the things you want to remember with something you already have safely stored in your head. For example, if you want to remember numbers try to make associations between numbers in sequence — think of people’s ages, special dates, whether they’re odd or even.

#1.1) unreliable; 2) expensive; 3) reasonable; 4) powerful.

#2. 1) Besides; 2) Moreover; 3) Likewise; 4) Nevertheless.

#3.1) catch; 2) pick up; 3) miss; 4) get.

#4. 1) alike; 2) as well as; 3) well as; 4) or.

#5. 1) ways; 2) tricks; 3) methods; 4) schemes.

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