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Lightning Strike (1)

It is not surprising that people in the past were afraid of lightning. We still find it thrilling and fascinating. Scientists are trying to predict storms and protect people (1) lightning strikes. Things used to be much (2). According to research by Dr.Derek Elsom the number of fatalities has dropped by 80 per cent since mid-1850s. This isn’t because lightning is less (3), but because fewer people now work in the open. The experience of Roy Sullivan goes to show how dangerous it can be to work (4). Roy, a former ranger in Virginia, USA, held the world record for being struck by lightning. He was first hit in 1942, losing just the nail from his big toe! He was struck again in 1969, 1970 and 1973. In 1976 a strike hurt his ankle and in 1977 he suffered chest and stomach burns. After (5) all this he killed himself in 1983!

#1. 1) before; 2) against; 3) for; 4) after.

#2. 1) worse; 2) better; 3) less; 4) fewer.

#3. 1) furore; 2) open; 3) average; 4) common.

#4. 1) inside; 2) upside; 3) outside; 4) downside.

#5. 1) striking; 2) lightning; 3) surviving; 4) living.

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