Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. In the televised debate the candidates wished to present the best image (…)

1) vote; 2) legislation; 3) impression; 4) look; 5) appearance.

#2. Having found a house we liked, we had to raise money quickly. (…)

1) hire; 2) rent; 3) donate; 4) collect; 5) gather.

#3. The two men were arrested before they could commit any more crimes. (…)

l)do anything legally; 2) behave according to the law; 3) do anything illegal; 4) become criminals; 5) forgive everything.

#4.1 like going shopping with Helen as she has an eve for the clothes that suit me best. (…)

1) has a style in; 2) is good at designing; 3) is a good judge of; 4) is short of taste in; 5) is generous with money for.

#5. On graduating from the university Laura threw herself into her new editing career with great enthusiasm. (…)

1) tossed herself into the air; 2) showed no interest as to; 3) began to make; 4) went on with her college studies; 5) refused to do.

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