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The Warship «Mary Rose»

The warship «Mary Rose» was built in the years 1509-1510. In 1544 England started a war against France, and in 1545 French ships were sent (1) the Channel towards England. Some English ships went out from Portsmouth to meet them. One of those ships was the «Mary Rose». It was carrying 91 guns and 700 men — twice (2) as normal. It sank quickly to the bottom of the sea even before it was attacked by the French. About 650 men (3) . The King of England himself saw this terrible accident. The next month an attempt (4) to raise the «Mary Rose», but it failed. The ship was forgotten for hundreds of years. The ship was lifted out of the sea in October 1982. Many people saw the raising of the «Mary Rose» on television. (5) the ship was taken into Portsmouth dock 437 years after she had sunk.

#1.1) to; 2) across; 3) on; 4) in.

#2. 1) many; 2) more; 3) as much; 4) as many.

#3. 1) were died; 2) dead; 3) were dead; 4) died.

#4. 1) has made; 2) make; 3) was made; 4) made.

#5. 1) Finally; 2) Last; 3) In the final; 4) Lately.

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