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Barbara Cartland, the Queen of Romance

Barbara Cartland is known both in Britain and in the United States аз «The Queen of Romance». She (1) by her publisher as «the world’s most famous romantic novelist» but she is many other things (2). According to the Guinness Book of Records she is the world’s most prolific writer, still (3) a new book every two weeks, and holds the record as the world’s top-selling author, having sold some 370 million copies of her books. She wrote her first book when she was twenty-one and it sold out as soon as it reached the shops. (4) she has written over 500 books. She married in 1927, and after she divorced her first husband, she remarried in 1936. In 1976, she wrote twenty-one books and (5) the world record, and shortly after this she sang an album of love songs with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

#1. 1) is described; 2) described; 3) has described; 4) is describing.

#2. 1) as also; 2) well; 3) as well; 4) also.

#3. 1) having produced; 2) producing; 3) produces; 4) produced.

#4. 1) After that; 2) Since then; 3) At that time; 4) Then.

#5.1) was broken; 2) breaks; 3) broke out; 4) broke.

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