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From the History of Cambridge University

Cambridge is famous (1) the world as one of the two oldest university :ities in Britain — Oxford, of course, is the other. Its streets are packed with students going about their business on bicycles. The story of the University began in 1209 when students and scholars ?2) the little town of Cambridge after they had walked 60 miles from Oxford. These students had been students in Oxford where there was constant trouble between the people living in the town and the students. Then one day a student accidentally killed a man of the town. The Major arrested three (3) students who were innocent and they (4) death. In protest all the students moved (5) , some coming to Cambridge, and so the new University began.

#1. 1) through; 2) on; 3) throughout; 4) out of.

#2. 1) arrived in; 2) reached in; 3) arrived to; 4) was arrived at

#3.1) another; 2) the other; 3) others; 4) other.

#4.1) put it; 2) were put to; 3) put to; 4) were put at.

#5.1) anywhere; 2) to somewhere; 3) in nowhere; 4) elsewhere.

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