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Chance Encounter

Perhaps the most remarkable tale of a chance encounter is (1) of Roger Lausier. At the age of four, he stayed away from his mother along the beach at Salem, Massachusetts. He paddled for a while and then got caught by a oowerful undercurrent, and would have drowned (2) a woman who brought him ashore and revived him. The rescuer refused all rewards. Nine years later, Roger was tracking a shoal of bluefish when he saw that a heavily-built man (3) from his powerboat and was floundering lelplessly. He paddled his raft over in time to clutch the drowning man’s nand, and kept him afloat until another boat got to them, and they went safely ishore. In the hospital a woman kissed the boy, «I’m Alice Blaise and I (4} for saving my Bob.» It was only during a presentation by the Massachusetts Humane Society, that Roger learnt that he had saved the husband of the vvoman who had saved him on the same beach (5).

#1. 1) one; 2) this; 3) encounter; 4) that.

#2. 1) but; 2) except; 3) with the help; 4) looking.

#3. 1) felt; 2) had fallen; 3) was fallen; 4) had felt.

#4. 1) can’t thank you enough; 2) can thank you enough; 3) can’t enough hank you; 4) can’t say enough thanks.

#5. 1) after nine years of age; 2) in nine years; 3) nine years previously; 4) at nine years.

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