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(1) from Death

The other day I read a story about how parachutist John Marx (2) death by seconds when he was doing his first ever parachute jump. Apparently John and his instructor Pete Richards had been attached together and were going to come down using the same parachute. Unfortunately (3) they were jumping from the plane Pete was knocked unconscious. So John found himself and Pete falling to earth at 125 mph with no idea how to open the parachute! ?4) another parachutist Ronnie Burne who was in the middle of his own sky dive saw what was happening. Ronnie ?5} to fly over to John and Pete and with only ten seconds to spare he succeeded in getting their parachute to open allowing them to land safely to the ground.

#1. 1) Run; 2) Drug; 3) Escape; 4) Transform.

#2. 1) helped; 2) heard; 3) was; 4) avoided.

#3. 1) as; 2) through; 3) since; 4) for.

#4. 1) Unfortunately; 2) Luckily; 3) Bad luck; 4) Lucky man.

#5.1) caught; 2) managed; 3) surprised; 4) awoke.

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