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Polly at the Arrivals Hall

It was only yesterday evening when Polly collected her luggage, went Mrough customs and out into the Arrivals Hall. To her surprise a crowd of t eople with cameras and notebooks (1) her, and began taking pictures of her and shouting out questions: «Did you have a good flight?», «Is this your first trip to England?», (2). They were all staring at her intently. Before (3). one of them suddenly pointed to someone.behind her and shouted: «That’s her!» Polly turned (4) a well known film star who had been on the same flight with her. Oh well, it was nice to think that she (5) for someone so beautiful and so famous, even if it was only for a few moments.

#1. 1) rushed towards; 2) were rushing towards; 3) rushed behind; 4) rushe і in.

#2. 1) as well; 2) too; 3) and so on; 4) either.

#3. 1) Polly can reply; 2) Polly could reply; 3)Polly could have replied; 4) there was no reply.

#4. 1) round and looked; 2) around her and saw; 3) round and saw; 4) round and saw at.

#5. 1) am mistaken; 2) am mistaking; 3) made a mistake; 4) had been mistaken.

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