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Bernie, a St. Bernard Dog

Bernie, a loveable two-year old St. Bernard dog, had become excited during a walk with his owner, Michael Harriman, 58, and (1) down Mrs. Rae Whyte near her home in Hempland Avenue, York, in February. The dog seized Mrs. Whyte’s arm and forced her to the ground. She suffered a wound on her arm, which required several stitches, as well as suffering from (2). Mr. Harriman told the police that Bernie, who was on a lead, was an іnquisitive dog and when Mrs. Whyte had raised her arm he had thought it was a (3) to play. The case was brought to York Magistrate Court but the dog narrowly escaped the serious prosecution, Nick Darwin, defending, said, «It was an accident. Bernie had never shown any aggression. Several neighbours have confirmed it. It isn’t (4) a St. Bernard’s nature to bite people and the breed is rsnowned for saving human lives.» Mr. Harriman agreed to keep the dog (5) and was ordered to pay the costs of the hearing of case in court. Mrs. Whyte was paid damages.

#1. 1) met; 2) brought; 3) bit; 4) knocked.

#2. 1) apathy; 2) shock; 3) lethargy; 4) excitement.

#3. 1) signal; 2) start; 3) tape; 4) beginning.

#4. 1) in favour; 2) against; 3) over; 4) in.

#5. 1) over lead; 2) uncontrolled; 3) under control; 4) under arrest.

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