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The Eight O’Clock News (3)

Good evening, and here is the Eight O’Clock News. Air-sea rescue helicopters from Royal Air Force Sopworth were called out after a yacht capsized in a storm (1) the Devon coast. In spite of high seas the helicopters (2) rescue teams to try and save the crew. Two men and a girl were taken to (3). One was lost at sea. The other was rescued and taken to hospital but was dead on arrival. The coast-guard (4) small boats to stay in the harbour, but the yacht, the «Napoleon III» from Poole, had set out for France (5) the warnings. Viewers will be able to see the members of the rescue teams after the news.

#1.1) near from; 2) off; 3) away; 4) of.

#2. 1) rose; 2) jumped; 3) ran; 4) lowered.

#3.1) safety; 2) campaign; 3) session; 4) competition.

#4. 1) would say; 2) promised; 3) had asked; 4) helped.

#5. 1) because of; 2) due to; 3) since; 4) despite.

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