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The Eight O’Clock News (2)

Good evening, and here is the Eight O’Clock News. Five thousand people marched through the streets of Chesilworth today protesting (1) plans for a new international airport near the town. Although there was such a large number of demonstrators, there (2). The demonstrators marched to the town hall, where the public enquiry into the plans (3), and handed in a petition to the chairman of the enquiry. A new airport is needed because the other airports in the area are ( 4_). Chesilworth was considered because it is near both a major motorway and a railway line. Although it was a protest march, there was almost a carnival atmosphere, and both demonstrators and police remained (5).

#1.1) for; 2) about; 3) against; 4) due to.

#2. 1) was no trouble; 2) were troubles; 3) wasn’t trouble; 4) was trouble.

#3. 1 )had taken place; 2) was on the place; 3) took many places; 4) was taking place.

#4. 1) under the crowds; 2) below the crowds; 3) overcrowded; 4) without crowds.

#5. 1) without humour; 2) good-humoured; 3) isolated; 4) depressed.

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