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The Eight O’Clock News (1)

Good evening, and here is the Eight O’Clock News. Jumbo, the Indian elephant which (1) from London zoo this afternoon, las been caught. Jumbo was chased across Regent’s Park, and was finally :-aptured at (2) stall in Regent’s Park Road. A tranquillizer gun was used, and :umbo was loaded onto (3) and was taken back to the zoo. At the zoo, he (4) the zoo veterinary surgeon. Fortunately (5} had been done, and Jumbo will be returned to the elephant house later tonight. Viewers will be able to see the highlights of the chase after the news. And lastly, sport…

#1.1) hid; 2) stole; 3) escaped; 4) robbed.

#2. 1) a hot dog; 2) the dog; 3) the warm dog; 4) the wild cat.

#3. 1) a tram-car; 2) the zoo; 3) the shop; 4) a truck.

#4. 1) examined; 2) shot; 3) was questioned; 4) was examined by.

#5.1) some damage; 2) no damage; 3) damages; 4) lots of damage.

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