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From the History of Windsurfing

From the deep blue waters of Waikiki Beach (1) the cold grey Atlantic of Cornwal, the surfers have a strange bond with the sea. They are part of a tradition that goes back to the people of the Pacific islands, (2) prayed to the gods for the best waves. From the beginning of the sixteenth century Hawaiian legends and songs (3) surfing as an obsession making surfers forget everything, including work and family. In 1911 America (4) surfing. The journalist and novelist Jack London wrote about surfing in his book «The Shark Hunt». Soon the craze swept through California and beyond, the surfing has never looked back. Generations of surfers now think of Hawaii (5) the Mecca for their sport.

#1.1) till; 2) under; 3) to; 4) in front.

#2. 1) that; 2) those; 3) whom; 4) who.

#3.1) sing; 2) describe; 3) listen to; 4) tell.

#4. 1) opened; 2) invented; 3) discovered; 4) made.

#5. 1) like; 2) as; 3) so; 4) than.

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