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From the History of Football

Football is a very old sport, but it was no laughing matter in the early days. Two villages (1) to kick a ball made from a pig’s intestine to a goal. The goals were things like trees or buildings and could be (2) five miles apart. The game, which was sometimes extremely violent, could (3) from sunrise to sunset. A more controlled form of the game began to be played in England s public schools in the early nineteenth century. Each school played a different ?4} of the game and the rules varied widely. In 1863 a Football Association was established and the members met to decide on the rules. It took five meetings before they could all (5).

#1.1) laughed; 2) battled; 3) mattered; 4) had.

#2. 1) like; 2) as much; 3) much as; 4) as much as.

#3. 1) go on; 2) make for; 3) do with; 4) give up.

#4. 1) version; 2) fashion; 3) copy; 4) issue.

#5.1) meet; 2) disagree; 3) argue; 4) agree.

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