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From the History of Golf

No (1) really knows where the game of golf was first played. (2) played a game with wooden sticks an a leather ball filled with feathers, but the details a -e not (3). In the fifteenth century, golf first appeared in the written history of Scotland. In 1457 the Scottish parliament was displeased with the number of people playing golf instead of training for the army and the game was banned. 1503 even the King had started playing golf again. Mary, the Queen of Scots, is thought to have been the first woman-(5). People say she played a few rounds of golf just after her husband was murdered.

#1. 1) body; 2) some; 3) thing; 4) one.

#2. 1) Rome; 2) The Romans; 3) Roman; 4) The Roman.

#3. 1) known; 2) covered; 3) opened; 4) solved.

#4. 1) So; 2) Hence; 3) That’s why; 4) However.

#5. 1) golf; 2) game; 3) golfer; 4) play.

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