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From the History of Tennis

Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian sculptor carved a picture on the v all of two women hitting a ball back and forth from hand ?1} hand. Is this the ancestor of tennis? Tennis was (2) to Norway from Greece in 500 A.D. It became so popular between the twelfth and fourteenth century that every town in France had its own (3). But this was a very different game from the one we see at Wimbledon today. At first the game was played bare-handed with a leather ball filled with dog’s hair. (4) rougher materials like sand and chalk were used but these caused injures to the players’ hands. This led to the use of protective gloves (5) got bigger and bigger as time went on until it was necessary to cut out the centres and replace them with tight ropes. Gradually those gloves evolved into rackets.

#1. 1) in ; 2) under; 3) out; 4) to.

#2. 1) sent; 2) caught; 3) known; 4) brought.

#3. 1) center; 2) hall; 3) courtroom; 4) court.

#4. 1) Later; 2) Late; 3) Lately; 4) Latter.

#5. 1) it; 2) which; 3) this; 4) what.

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