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The Four-Minute Mile

It is the nature of athletic records that they are broken and their place is taken by others. (1) in many sports events, there is a mark which is not significant in itself, but which becomes a legend as athletes try to break it. The most famous of these is the attempt to run the mile (2) four minutes. In 1945, the mile record was brought down to 4 minutes, 5 seconds. And there, for nine years, it stuck. Then, in 1954, a medical student Roger bannister decided to try and (3) the record. He had been training for this day (4) running the mile in 4 minutes, 2 seconds the previous year. He wrote afterwards: «Those last few seconds seemed never-ending. I could see the line of the finishing tape. I jumped like a man making a desperate attempt to save himself from danger…» Bannister’s time was 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds. Although this record has been broken on many occasions since, Bannister’s (5) will never be forgotten.

#1.1) And; 2) Though; 3) Although; 4) Yet.

#2. 1) as short as; 2) in less than; 3) less as; 4) for more than.

#3. 1) set; 2) run; 3) break; 4) hit.

#4.1.) since; 2) for; 3) in spite; 4) as soon as.

#5. 1) achievement; 2) failure; 3) advantage; 4) experiment.

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