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The (1} Successful Car

Ford produced the car of the decade in 1957 — the Edsel. Half of the models sold (2) spectacularly defective. If lucky, you could have got a car with any or all of the following (3) : doors that wouldn’t close, bonnets and boots that wouldn’t open, batteries went flat, brakes that failed and push buttons that couldn’t be pushed even with three of you trying. The Edsel, one of the biggest and most lavish cars ever built, coincided with a phase when people increasingly wanted economy cars. (4) Time magazine said, «It was a classic case of the wrong car for the wrong market at the wrong time.» Unpopular from the very beginning, the car’s popularity declined. One business writer at the time {5} the Edsel’s sales graph to an extremely dangerous skislope. He added that, so far as he knew, there was only one case of an Edsel ever being stolen.

#1. 1) last; 2) least; 3) best; 4) bad.

#2. 1) turned; 2) drove; 3) ran; 4) proved.

#3. 1) features; 2) creatures; 3) models; 4) codes.

#4. 1) After; 2) Or; 3) As; 4) Since then.

#5. 1) likened; 2) liked; 3) disliked; 4) graphed.

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