Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Altogether, there were thirty people on the outing, eating, drinking and making merry (…)

1) On the way; 2) By the way; 3) Incidentally; 4) After all; 5) All in all. v#2. My sister has been planting trees and bushes in our garden all day and now she is completely worn out. (…)

1) taken in; 2) dead tired; 3) ended up; 4) run out; 5) grown up.

#3. Reporters assembled at the airport to welcome the President of France who had come to the USA on a mission of good will and friendship. (…)

1) held a party; 2) scattered; 3) flew; 4) gathered; 5) collected.

#4. It’s risky to buy things and goods on the black market as you are likely to be caught by the police. (…)

1) supermarket; 2) foreign trade; 3) illegal trading; 4) off centre shops; 5) central stores.

#5. All that hard work went for nothing when the project was dropped. (…)

1) was very cheap; 2) sold well; 3) was very bad; 4) was wasted; 5) was good for nothing.

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