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The Best Stone in the World

In 1769 George and Eleanor Coade bought a factory manufacturing (1) stone in south-east London. When soon after it George Coade died, he left his wife and daughter to carry on business. The product developed by the factory’s former owner, Richard Holt, was a kind of baked clay. The two women (2) with his recipe, and succeeded in creating a new kind of stone which was almost a hundred percent weatherproof. The advantage of Coade Stone is that (3) natural stone slowly breaks •down and erodes away, Coade Stone seems to be able to survive in all weather conditions for many years. After the deaths of Eleonore Coade and her daughter the factory (4) for twenty years, but in 1840 it finally closed. (5) went the Coade Stone recipe which was lost, and has never been rediscovered.

#1. 1) natural; 2) abnormal; 3) artificial; 4) supernatural.

#2. 1) experimented; 2) made; 3) discovered; 4) completed.

#3.1) still; 2) just; 3) as; 4)while.

#4. 1) opened; 2) survived; 3) reduced; 4) appeared.

#5.1) With it; 2) Alone; 3) But; 4) Along.

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