Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Unexpectedly Betty gave Harry a direct response to his question. (…)

1) repetition; 2) compliment; 3) answer; 4) plan; 5) accord.

#2. The company claimed that the deal was legal and that they had nothing to hide.(…)

1) had done nothing dishonest; 2) had not hidden documents; 3) had concealed the facts; 4) had something to disclose; 5) were looking for something.

#3. It was a bright sunny day and we set off in high spirits. (…)

1) hiking in the mountains; 2) to climb the top; 3) fit as a fiddle; 4) with a feeling of happiness and energy; 5) to make fun.

#4. After wandering for years all over Britain they settled down in a smal village in Wales. (…)

l)took care of; 2) paid a visit; 3) lived in a more permanent lifestyle; 4) accepted an invitation; 5) became used to.

#5. Doreen’s father made quite a scene when she came home two hours later than she was supposed to. (…)

1) flew into a passion; 2) lost courage; 3) made a row; 4) showed her the door; 5) made her cry.

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