Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Displaying great emotion, Roberta broke into tears in the middle of her speech. (…)

1) prominence; 2) moderation; 3) knowledge; 4) feeling; 5) celebrity.

#2. If he had played his cards right he would have been a manager by now. (…)

l)had taken advantage of the situation; 2) got used to playing cards then; 3) used to play cards a lot; 4) gambled most of the time; 5) had been punished severely.

#3. Jack wanted to complain of his boss but he didn’t dare. (…)

1) wasn’t able to do that; 2) wasn’t brave enough for that; 3) had no idea how to do that; 4) mightn’t do that; 5) was prevented from doing that.

#4. Sheila had to cancel her holiday when all of a sudden she went down with

1) went away on business; 2) left without saying «good bye»; 3) caught cold; 4) had a running nose; 5) fell ill having influenza.

#5. Although David had several people to help him, he still did the lion’s share of the work. (…)

1) did his best; 2) made the best of it; 3) made the most of it; 4) did the biggest part of it; 5).performed very well indeed.

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