Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Paul often runs errands for his parents, like buying groceries and posting letters. (…)

1) takes orders; 2) gives orders; 3) does special tasks and duties; 4) helps; 5) assists.

#2. Jane had never seen anything as magnificent as the great cathedral in the city centre. (…)

1) sufficient; 2) cumbersome; 3) noisy; 4) splendid; 5) attractive.

#3. Old Mr. Lee was delighted with her and her beauty. He took a tremendous fancy to her. (…)

1) was fanciful to her; 2) saw her splendour; 3) became truly fond of her; 4) liked her imagination; 5) was familiar to her.

#4. Mary was at a loss for words when she suddenly saw her school headmaster. (…)

1) was hurt; 2) wasn’t able to find proper words; 3) was off colour;

4) was under the weather; 5) was deaf and mute since birth.

#5.I don’t know how you can have the face to sit here after all you’ve done. (…) 1) endure; 2) tolerate; 3) support; 4) be so bold as; 5) appear.

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