Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. We are going to do some window shopping and we’ll buy a bun or something to sustain us until we get back to our hotel. (…)

1) stop; 2) keep; 3) remain; 4) stay; 5) last.

#2. I wouldn’t like to criticise you, so please take special pains and do you best.(…)

1) make you know; 2) make it clear; 3) work with greater care; 4) think better; 5) pay less attention.

#3. Steve is an expert by name, he actually knows very little. (…)

1) by all means; 2) not in point of fact; 3) in point of fact; 4) by chance; 5) as it happens.

#4.I must admit good taste seems to run in the family. (…)

l)to possess the family treasures; 2) to be cultivated; 3)to make one believe; 4) to be true of everyone in the family; 5) to manage the family well.

#5.I say, dear, for God’s sake, keep it dark. Don’t let the press get hold of it. (…)

1) never lose heart; 2) take your choice; 3)beat about the bush; 4) lay stress on it; 5) keep it secret.

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