Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Patrick is a very agreeable young man and though he is rather new he is on good terms with everyone here. (…)

l)has a good relationship; 2) has no connection; 3) has a good experience; 4) has a good practice; 5) has a good idea.

#2. Martin was working hard but he was earning barely enough to keep body and soul together. (…)

1) made a good living; 2) had a lot of money; 3) rolled in riches; 4) could hardly live on his earnings; 5) led a quiet life.

#3. Everyone breaks the law at some time in his life. Fortunately, for most people it is driving above the speed limit or parking illegally. (…)

1) comes close; 2) cuts the ground; 3) steps on rules; 4) commits a crime; 5) interrupts the code.

#4. The computer in the reception room is inferior to the one in the head office.

1) appears better than; 2) proves good enough as; 3) is less good in quality than; 4) keeps working regularly as; 5) has broken down as.

#5. Why another time? Don’t you want to put in a word for me?. (,..)

l)to speak in turn; 2) to talk sense; 3)to speak your mind; 4) to speak in my favour; 5) to speak on my behalf.

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