Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Don’t delay-going to see the doctor if you have any problems with your health. (…)

1) finish; 2) go out of your way; 3) call; 4) postpone; 5) consult.

#2. The young man was in distress and couldn’t collect his wits. (…)

l)get control of himself; 2) recover from illness; 3) pull himself together; 4) understand anything clearly; 5) wreck his brains.

#3. Nelly wants me to keep an eye on her children while she is out shopping. (…)

l)care for; 2) make a visit; 3) have under effective control; 4) carry out; 5) put away.

#4. You can’t fool us with your shedding crocodile tears. We are sure you are not upset at all. (…)

1) teasing Us; 2) complaining; 3) shouting angrily; 4) pretending to be crying out; 5) false tears running.

#5.1 phoned him this morning but when I said who I was he hung up. (…)

1) shut down; 2) ended the call; 3) rang up; 4) lifted the receiver; 5) shut up.

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