Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Robert took to his new friend immediately as they had very many things and views in common. (…)

l)made an acquaintance; 2) started to hate; 3) became fond of; 4) started criticising; 5) made good friends with.

#2. We really feel for the people who suffered a lot during and after the spring floods. (…)

1) regret about; 2) respect; 3) like very much; 4) sympathize with; 5) admire.

#3.I wanted to tell him something important and he said he was all ears.

1) admiring; 2) listening with respect; 3) listening eagerly; 4) listening without hearing; 5) having good ears.

#4. At times Мог wished he had never come to that place and had become a teacher. (…)

1) every time; 2) sometimes but not usually; 3) each time; 4) one time; 5) most of the time.

#5. I don’t think we have met before, although I definitely know you by sight. (…)

1) by chance; 2) on purpose; 3) intimately; 4) visually; 5) by mistake.

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