Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. These children are so naughty and noisy. Their parents seem not to know how to bring them up properly. (…)

l)to care for them; 2) to attract their attention; 3) to make them quiet; 4) to give up for good; 5) to behave decently.

#2. Oxford and Cambridge, sometimes referred to as Oxbridge, are recognized as prominent educational institutions all over the world. (…)

1) are advertized; 2) are clearly seen; 3) are registered; 4) are highly recommended; 5) are universally admitted to be well-known.

#3. Come on, make up your mind as soon as possible whether you support us or not. (…)

1) give a ring; 2) suggest an opinion; 3) make a decision; 4) offer a hand; 5) do your best.

#4. Trying to make parents understand their children is usually a lost causg because elderly people are so conservative, as a rule. (…)

1) a sound reason; 2) a true model; 3) a good way out; 4) a hopeless case; 5) an ideal pattern.

#5. This is a very curious painting, as I see it. Can you make sense of it? (…)

1) be easy to understand; 2) say reasonable things to; 3) comment to the point; 4) have a clear idea or understanding of; 5) point out mistakes in.

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