Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. These up -to- date goods are in great demand now. (…)

1) are needed; 2) are in use; 3) are in power; 4) are in value; 5) are in fashion.

#2. You are shivering with cold, move your chair to the fireplace. (…)

1) shuddering; 2) starting; 3) trembling; 4) shrugging; 5) suffering.

#3. Lucy was unable to think of anything else and was angry with herself because she couldn’t put Tom out of her mind. (…)

l)stop thinking about Tom; 2) forget to Tom; 3) forbid Tom 4) blame Tom; 5) find Tom guilty.

#4. Carry on with your work for there is no time to waste. (…)

l)Go on working; 2) Bring to conclusion; 3) Go and fetch; 4) Fetch quickly; 5) Give a lift.

#5. Soames said nothing to her, he simply kept an eye on her all the time. (…)

1) looked affectionately at; 2) caught sight of; 3) watched closely; 4) was in sight of; 5) was off his guard.

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