Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. The young people were so cheerful and happy that they suddenly began to sing. (…)

1) were fond of; 2) took to singing; 3) got used to singing; 4) made up a song; 5) burst into a song.

#2. The causes of emotional illnesses are often so complex that they confuse inexperienced doctors. (…)

1) sad; 2) clear; 3) complicated; 4) depressing; 5) ominous.

#3. Martin was all on edge and waited for the man to explain everything. (…)

1) was happy; 2) felt sad; 3) was nervous; 4) looked sad; 5) wasn’t able to see.

#4. Mind, there’s a bus coming!. (…)

l)Have it in your mind; 2) Look out; 3) Have a look; 4)I say; 5) Look here.

#5. The boy spoke so rapidly and in such a confused way that I could make neither head nor tail of his story. (…)

1) understood him; 2) stopped him; 3) couldn’t hear him well; 4) couldn’t make or do anything; 5) wasn’t able to understand him.

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