Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. Circumstances beyond our control caused us to be late. (…) 1) Fears; 2) Enemies; 3) Habits; 4) Conditions; 5) Skills.

#2 He said he had made up his mind. (…)

1) had completed his mind; 2) had an idea; 3) had taken a decision; 4) was given a piece of advice; 5) had put in order.

#3. Mind, I have no objection, but I think it’s rather unwise. (…)

1) Please note; 2) Mind your own business; 3) Look here; 4) I say; 5) Have a look.

#4.I want to know how long this state of things between us is to last? I have put up with it long enough. (…)

1) withdrawn; 2) stopped; 3) endured; 4) seen; 5) taken.

#5.1 am sorry to say but his head has been turned by success and flattery. (…)

l)he moved his head; 2) he changed his mind; 3)he looked around; 4) he was made too proud; 5) he was made to run away.

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