Знайдіть усі можливі помилки у підкреслених фрагментах речень і запишіть цифри у порядку зростання. Цифра (5) означає, що помилок немає.

#1. (……) The harder the teacher tried (l) to do it, the worst (2) he lectured (3) before the large audiences(4). No error (5).

#2. (……) Blowing out birthday candles is an ancient (1) test to see if a growing (2) child is enough strong (3) to blow out a greater number (4) each year. No error (5).

#3. (……) 1 remember to take(l)to the fair and to the festival concerts by_(2) my parents who rarely showed(3) any serious interest with(4) such things. No error (5).

#4. (……) lt_(l) is the (2) dream of every mountaineers (3) to climb the world’s highest (4) peak. No error (5).

#5. (……) The (1) caves and their history were more exciting (2) before the guidebooks (3) came up to us and took away the adventurously (4) aspect.No error (5).

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