Знайдіть усі можливі помилки у підкреслених фрагментах речень і запишіть цифри у порядку зростання. Цифра (5) означає, що помилок немає.

#1. (……) The(l) police academy trains(2) its dogs to fetch(3) thing(4) on command. No error (5).

#2. (……) Four people were charged withd) public disorder offences last night (2) after officers carried out (3) several raids on(4) suspected football hooligans. No error (5).

#3. (……) The Italian dramatist and poet(l)Ugo Betti was a judge which(2) gained literary recognitions(3) lately_(4) in his life. No error (5).

#4. (……) A first edition copy(l) of Chaucer’s «Canterbury Tales», the first book to be printing (2) in_England, is expected to raise (3) a lot of money at the auction in(4) July. No error (5).

#5. (……) The prickly pear fixes(l) themselves(2) on rocky, barren slopes and grows to(3) about 3 metres high(4). No error (5).

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