Знайдіть усі можливі помилки у підкреслених фрагментах речень і запишіть цифри у порядку зростання. Цифра (5) означає, що помилок немає.

#1. (……) Dr. August Raspet was a_(l) researcher and designer of sailplanes (2) and inventors (3) of the flying bicycle (4). No error (5).

#2. (……) As hired craftsman (1) under Swedish rule (2), Finns introduced the (3) log cabin (4) to America. No error (5).

#3. (……) To understandO) ancient Egypt good(2), Dr. Malcolm have studied (3) its(4) hieroglyphics and tried to interpret different texts. No errol (5).

#4. (……) Locating(l)on a island(2) in the Seine River, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the most(3) well-known landmarks of(4) Paris. No error (5).

#5. (……) The dialect that is speak (1) on this Greek island is so old(2) that many of their(3) words date back to the(4) time of Homer. No error (5).

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