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1) When the train got in it was nearly midnight. Andrew started along the deserted platform, his eyes shining, his heart singing wildly, madly. He had done it!

2) The professor’s words still rang in his ears: «Doctor Manson, You are the first candidate in this examination hall who has ever told me something original, something true which I did not know. I congratulate you!»

3) His thoughts were suddenly cut short: a man came running heavily behind him. Instinctively Andrew stopped. As the man drew nearer he recognized him: Frank Davis.

4) «I was coming for you, Doctor. Coming to your house.» The wind tore the rest of his words away. «What’s wrong?» shouted Andrew.

5) «A lad got almost buried there. They are not able to get him out. You must go to him, Doctor.» Andrew immediately took a few steps, then a sudden thought made him stop short. «I’ve got to have my bag!» he said to Davis. «You go to my house and fetch it. I’ll go to the mine».

6) He was there in four minutes finding the manager and three man waiting for him. At the sight of him the manager’s anxious expression lifted a little. «Glad to see you, Doctor. Nobody killed, thank God, but one lad is almost buried. We can’t move him an inch. And the roof may go down any moment.»

7) As they entered the cage Davis came running across the yard, with the bag. The cage rocketed to the bottom. They reached the dead end where a man lay lost in the mass of the fallen rock around him. It was Sam Bevan. He was quite conscious. Weakly, he tried to smile to Andrew.

8) The whole of his body was free except his left arm, which was pressed under the huge rock. Andrew saw at once that the only way to free Bevan was to amputate the arm. And Bevan read the decision the moment, it was made. «Go on, Doctor,» he muttered.

9) «Don’t worry, Sam,» Andrew said. «I’m going to send you to sleep now. When you wake up you’ll be in bed»

10) Stretched flat in the must under the two-foot roof he slipped off his coat, folded it and put it under Bevan’s head. He rolled his sleeves and asked for his bag

#1.(…) Why did the university professor praise one of his students so high in public?

#2. (…) Andrew was gloomy deep in his heart, wasn’t he?

#3. (…) Could Bevan move a little in the mass of the fallen rock or was he lost in the mass?

#4. (…) Who was sent to get the necessary instruments?

#5. (…) The young man didn’t understand what was the only way possible to save him before the roof fell down, did he?

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