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1) America has had few genuises as extraordinary as Edgar Allan Рое. His poetry has had a haunting and lasting effect on readers for more than a century.

2) He wrote stories of such strange imagination that there has seldom been anything like them before or since. He has been called the creator of the mystery story.

3) Рое was a child of misfortune from the time he was born. His first misfortune was that his parents were actors. In 1809, the year of his birth, there was still a strong feeling in the USA that the theatre was sinful and wicked.

4) Poe’s father deserted his wife and children about a year after Edgar was born. When the boy was only two years old, his mother died, alone and penniless in Richmond, Virginia.

5) Mrs. Allan, well-known in Richmond society, happened to hear of his mother’s death and decided to adopt the child.

6) At first it seemed Edgar’s good fortune to be adopted by this family, but it didn’t work out that way. Although Mrs.Allan treated him as her own child, Mr.Allan, a busy man who was piling up money in a tobacco business, decided that the boy’s nature was sinful and refused to take a father’s responsibility for him.

7) The child was brilliant from the beginning and with his keen mind he could have become one of the most influential persons of his place and time. But even as a child, when he played games with other children, they treated him as an inferior, standing much lower.

8 ) Рое knew well that he had no true claim or right to Allan’s money, name or protection. Although Рое had done well in his studies, he was unable to continue at the University of Virginia.

9) In his despair and frustration, Edgar Рое decided to become a soldier and quickly advanced in rank. At the age of twenty-two in New-York City he was a successful editor and literary critic for a time but he found few friends.

10) Рое revealed his own thoughts and feelings through his skilful writing that had characters and plots that are not now or never were a part of the real world. Рое won some prizes in his lifetime but he was mainly unknown and left alone. The French were the first to appreciate his true genius. This in turn brought some fame at home, but only after his death.

#1 (…) Was Рое the founder of the detective story?

#2′ (…) Edgar’s father took a constant care of his little son. didn’t he?

#3. (…) what careers did he try his hand at?

#4. (…) Did Edgar Allan Рое gain a wide recognition while he was living? #5. (…) Was he a graduate of the University of Columbia or that of Virginia?

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